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You've Heard Of A Podcast, Right?!

Have you ever thought about how many other
Virtual Media Outlets are out there?

  • Podcasts
  • FB Lives
  • Speaker Summits
  • YouTube Channels
  • Blogs
  • Web TV
  • Digital Magazines
  • And More!!

That's not even everything out there... Just think about that!

What if you could book interviews easily and effortlessly with ideal Virtual Media Outlets?

What if I told you I have a Directory where you can do exactly that and reach all of your aforementioned goals! 


Access a LARGE Variety of Media Outlet & Summit Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Improvement
  • Social Media
  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness & Health
  • Society & Culture
  • Spirituality
  • And More!!

Directory Testimonials

​I have been working with Abigail for four months now.  In that short time, I found my VA from a referral she gave me, joined the HNC PR/Media directory, have tools and a media plan in place ... and EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION we have leads me to a new resource, referral, tool, app or other solution to help me in my business and/or in my life!  The upgraded support package was totally worth it!  She is such a joy to talk to and work with ...and she's FAST!  Like on ON IT!  As a busy entrepreneur, speaker and a bunch of other things, she is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed friend into my life!  I recommend her to everyone for anything, but she does kick ass at the media thing for sure!😉💯

​Griselda Beck
​- ​Latina Boss Coach

Abigail was an absolute joy to work with! As part of her Human Network Connection group I received notification from her that their was a media outlet in need of a guest. The notification was a direct link and form to put in some basic info about my business and topics and boom I was done! She then took the time to personally introduce the two of us to set up our interview session. This week alone I got 2 podcast appearances scheduled! Abigail is absolutely amazing!

​Tamara Collins
- ​Blogger

​I am known as a radio rock star. I’ve done hundreds of podcasts and radio shows and thought I knew it all. But Abigail Sinclaire reached out to me this week to tell me about the host of a Texas specific show who needed Texas business owners for his podcast. I’m on several mailing lists and am a member of a few paid sites; but Abigail found one I hadn’t heard of. Her Newsletter pricing is very reasonable and I think well worth more than what she is charging. And I’ll be becoming a paid subscriber the first of the month. I owe it to myself and my own clients to do everything I can to find quality shows so they can get even more exposure. Thanks Abigail.

​Maxwell Ivey
- ​The Blind Blogger

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